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10 Important Things About Homeschooling

  1. Homeschooling is life changing. It creates personal growth for both parent and child. You (the parent) get a second chance to re-discover your own personal genius, while you help your child discover theirs. Nothing you will ever do will have a more profound effect on your child and your family as homeschooling.
  2. You are qualified to homeschool your children if you love them, love to spend time with them, love to read to/with them, love to explore the world with them, and love to see them learn new things.
  3. Children love to learn. It is as natural to them as breathing. They have an inborn hunger to explore the world and examine what is interesting. They learn by following their interests, with one interest leading to another. This is the way we all learned as younger children and how we, as adults, learn after we leave school. Homeschooling families know learning is a life-long process and it is enjoyable when you aren't bound by what other tell you you 'have' to do.
  4. Homeschooling is legal in every state. Laws vary between states. Visit www.TnHomeEd.com for comprehensive information about the legality and regulations in TN.
  5. It does not take 6-8 hours a day to school your child. Most of the time children spend at school consists of waiting. Design a plan that works for your family (it can be morning, afternoon, evening or split up!) and be prepared to scratch it several times and start over. It's ok to do that!! You make the rules now, not someone else. Find what works for you.
  6. Your child will not become a social misfit. Children do not need to be put in large groups of same-age people to become well-adjusted socially. Most parents would prefer their children learn social graces from adults, not other kids. Homeschoolers have healthy relationships will people of all ages including their parents.
  7. You have many options when it comes to teaching 'difficult' subjects such as higher level math and science. Many co-ops offer these classes, there are online classes, tutors, community college dual-enrollment, text books, etc. Most teens are well equipped to teach themselves these subjects with just additional guidance and oversight by you. Don't stress out about it prematurely.
  8. You will question yourself a lot, but you will over time gain the confidence that you can do this. Find a homeschooling friend to encourage you. Attend homeschool meetings, participate in activities and talk to other moms. We all have days where nothing gets done and we never get out of our pj's.
  9. You don't have to starve yourself or live in a tent to homeschool. Yes, you can drop a month's paycheck to school your children, but there are many low-cost, used book, library-type options. Many are able to restructure their jobs, or just change up their current schedules to accommodate children at home. Many families homeschool for the added reason that it allows more time together as a family – especially if a parent works swing shift or travels a lot.
  10. Trust in your child. They learned how to love, smile, walk, talk, run, and dress themselves and understand their world before starting school, and they will continue to learn and grow without being in a 'classroom' all day.