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Service Task Survey

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BCHE is a volunteer-run organization.  We can only offer all the wonderful support, activites and events that we do because of the commitment of our families to give their time and energy.  Below you will find a list of roles that must be filled every year.  We need your help!! Please volunteer so you can help your family and other families have an enriching homeschool experience this year. By selecting your preferences, you are not officially committed to those positions, so feel free to select multiple areas of interest in case your first choice is already covered for this year. 

As a thank you for those who serve, we offer a $10.00 refund at the end of the current membership year.  After you sign up for your preferences, you will be contacted by the coordinator of each area as the event or need draws near.  If we do not have sufficient volunteers for an event or service, we will have to cancel that activity for the year.

Before making your selections, please make sure you are familiar with the Service Task Job Descriptions here.

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Please select your volunteer preferences from the list below. You may choose multiple options. Again, you are not automatically commited to the position by making your selections; someone will contact you for further discussion about serving in the selected areas:

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New to Homeschooling Support Team Homeschooling Through High School Support Team
Mom's Christmas Party Coordinator/Team Member Field Trip Organizer/Team Member
Park Day Coordinator/Team Member Spring Showcase: Event Organizer/Team Member
Spring Showcase: Art/Scholastic/Talent Team Member Standardized Testing Coordinator/Team Member
Senior Graduation Coordinator/Team Member Kindergarten Graduation Organizer/Team Member
Kid Entrepreneur Christmas Marketplace Team Field Day Organizer/Team Member
Middle School/High School Socials Team Member Children's Easter Party Organizer/Team Member
Children's Valentine's Party Organizer/Team Member Yearbook Coordinator/Team Member

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