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Liability Waiver

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Bradley County Home Educators 

Release of Liability Waiver Form

On my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs, successors, and assigns, I hereby forever release, discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bradley County Home Educators, its leaders, members, representatives and all owners and operators of all locations at which “BCHE” holds its meetings, classes, activities, field trips, and events (collectively “released parties”) from any and all liabilities, claims, costs, demands, or causes of action, whether known or unknown (“claims”) that I may now or hereafter have for injuries or damages arising out of the participation of any of my family members or myself arising from my participation in BCHE meetings, classes, activities, field trips and events.

I understand and acknowledge that dangers of personal injury or sickness are or may be inherent in participating in such activities and I expressly and voluntarily assume all risk of death or personal injury sustained in such activities, as defined above, including but not limited to the risks incurred in all these activities and those arising from hidden, latent, or obvious defects in any facilities or equipment used. I acknowledge the possibility that all my successors or I may not fully know the number or magnitude of all claims, and agree that this release is a full and final release of all claims. This release is intended to be binding upon my heirs and assigns. This release is being signed in consideration of the opportunity to participate in BCHE activities as defined above.

I also understand that any curriculum advice or educational counsel that may be given by any BCHE leader or member must be received as a free, non-professional, personal opinion only and that I will retain all responsibility for any and all educational choices I make for my children.

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I understand that throughout the year, pictures are taken at social and co-op related events, and that members of my family attending these events may be included in the pictures.  I further understand that these pictures may appear in the BCHE yearbook or on the BCHE web site.

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Once you have read the Liability Waiver, please type in your name, address and phone number. This will constitute your agreement to this document.